Investment Criteria

Mid Oaks invests in businesses with some or all of the following characteristics:

  • A management team that can articulate and execute a long-term vision for the enterprise as well as an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to participate alongside us in the ownership of the business.

  • Strong growth prospects and a sustainable competitive advantage arising from factors such as proven technologies, strong brand names or a defensible distribution channel.

  • Clearly defined product lines, market niches and customer bases.

  • Profitable and established businesses with a preference for the broadly defined manufacturing industry. We will consider opportunities in other industries such as service, distribution and others. We are not interested in finance, insurance, real estate, oil and gas, or retail businesses.

  • Annual revenues of $25 to $250 million, or less where a strategic fit exists with one of our portfolio companies.

  • Operations primarily located in North America.

  • We acquire majority interests or minority positions.