Former Investments

Applied Industrial Materials Corp

Aylward Enterprises LLC

Bellwyck Packaging Inc.

Liquid Container LP

Milcor, Inc.

Profile Products LLC

Superior MicroPowders LLC


Former Investments

Milcor, Inc. Milcor is a 100-year old manufacturer of quality metal products such as access doors, roof vents, grills, registers, diffusers and medicine cabinets for the commercial construction industry and residential housing market. Its products are sold through commercial distribution and retail channels and can be found in the White House and Smithsonian Institute. Milcor has 500,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Michigan. Mid Oaks built Milcor through five acquisitions during the 1990s. After 14 years of ownership, Mid Oaks sold Milcor to Gibraltar Steel (NYSE:ROCK). To learn more, please visit